An Opportunity Awaits – Sunday, October 8 & Monday, October 9, 2017

Next Sunday, October 8, 2017, at the Allerton Public Library in Monticello, IL a great opportunity awaits. Mr. David Finnigan, author of the book Inside Allerton offers a talk and slide presentation about Robert Allerton Park and book signing. Due to available stock, a limited number of copies of his book, released in late May of this year, will also be available for purchase. Whether you purchase his book on site or if you’ve already purchased this excellent sourcebook, Mr. Finnigan will gladly sign for you.


Another book signing event takes place the following day, October 9, at the Lincoln Library in Springfield, IL at 8:00 PM.

David Finnigan’s book is available on line from Amazon and eBay, as well as at selected locations locally in Monticello including, but not limited to, Allerton Library, Walgreen’s, The Steeple Coffeehouse, and at Allerton Conference Center (The House) within Allerton Park.

Mr. Finnigan’s book includes wonderful historic and contemporary photographs of the interior of the House and the gardens. His book has been carefully and thoroughly researched and documented. Mr. Finnigan’s book is required reading for everyone interested in the history of Robert Allerton’s Mansion and Formal Gardens.

In order to anticipate and accommodate the crowd expected, Allerton Library asks those planning to attend to call the library or email in advance. Pre-registration is not required; no one will be turned away. The telephone number is 217.762.4676 Email:

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