Bulb Garden Renewal Worth Taking a Walk

cropped-IMG_3933.jpgThe vision and efforts of many in the renewal of the Bulb Garden come to fruition in this newly landscaped garden. It is truly spectacular!

fullsizeoutput_1767Last fall a newly designed concrete sidewalk replaced the narrow slab perimeter walk. Three half moon scallops now provide a garden stroll through begonias, cannas, ornamental grasses, Russian sage, Rabbits’ Ear and other summer blooming bulbs or perennials.IMG_3930

Robert Allerton and John Gregg would have approved the design and execution. The garden design is bilaterally balanced. The design isn’t totally fixed since the urns are semi-portable and currently hold cannas which must be dug and shedded over winter.

IMG_3929The leaves and blooms offer texture, scale and color to match the scale of the long garden. Tall urns reflect the opposing height of the groomed arbivitae  to the west and leads the eye to the meadow stretching eastward. The plantings have filled in nicely during this first growing season.

Recently three park volunteers carrying buckets with tools and water assembled to tend these garden beds. This female trio arrived at 7:00 am, in spite of temperature already climbing and predicted to exceed 100 degrees with the heat index. They are part of the seemingly invisible force of workers who magically groom the gardens.IMG_9664

Since the Volunteer program was reinstated, the Park volunteer force has been revitalized. The public has benefited from the many programs and events offered through and by the Park, thus cultivating a pool of donors and volunteers to promote Allerton Park in the future.

Thank you, Staff and Volunteers who maintain the gardens that all enjoy. The transformation of the Bulb Garden would delight Robert and John Gregg.

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