This is a Test….

……. of your knowledge of and ability to identify the Spring wildflowers of Allerton Park. Each of the following photos were taken this year (2016). From the given list of wildflower names, match each with the appropriate photo.

The list of Wildflower Common Names: Snow Trillium; Red Trillium; Trout Lily; Shooting Stars (bloomed); Shooting Stars (bloom stalk); Pussy Toes; Dutchmen’s Breeches (bloomed); Dutchmen’s Breeches (rhizomes); Phlox; Wild Geranium; Wild Ginger; May Apple; True Solomon’s Seal; False Solomon’s Seal; Swamp Buttercup; Spring Beauty; Bellwort; Toothwort; Bloodroot. (You can click on each picture for full screen view.)


IMG_2411IMG_2403IMG_3409 IMG_3385 IMG_2877 IMG_2849 IMG_2829


IMG_3553 IMG_3237 IMG_3185 IMG_3075 IMG_3067 IMG_3009 IMG_2955 IMG_2929 IMG_2897

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