Ready….Set….. Bloom! – Spring Wildflowers – 2016

The wildflower season has officially begun.

Hepatica Blooms

Hepatica Blooms

Snow Trillium - March 8, 2016

Snow Trillium – March 8, 2016

The Hepatica and white Snow Trillium burst through the oak leaf mulch on the sheltered slopes leading down to the river on the Lost Garden and Buck Schroth trails.

Hepatica - March 8, 2016

Hepatica – March 8, 2016

Yesterday, March 8, 2016, small clumps of pastel white and pink emerge from the oak leaves. In the spots where the leaves have blown clear, the Hepatica clumps stand tall. The temperatures, expected to remain in the 60’s, will bring out the Hepatica and Snow Trillium in great abundance this year.IMG_1891

Snow Trillium Poised to Bloom

Snow Trillium Poised to Bloom

No sign yet of Dutchmen’s Breeches or Spring Beauties, but they will spring forth within days. This is the time to hike the trail daily to see what Nature has to offer us on her plate for the day. All of the high bluffs along the Sangamon River with sheltered western or southern exposures offer truly spectacular displays of wildflowers each year.

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